• Is dried fruit actually healthy?

    Any dietitian will tell you when it comes to fruit, always go for the freshest thing.
  • These 5 dieting hacks could be sabotaging your weight-loss goals

    Sometimes it feels like you’re doing everything right, yet the numbers on the scale barely budge. Despite cutting out calorie-dense foods and hitting the gym more frequently, something is sabotaging your weight-loss efforts, and experts believe it comes down to dieting hacks that are actually backfiring.
  • James Webb Space Telescope will hunt for signs of life in the solar system

    The soon-to-launch James Webb Space Telescope will turn its powerful eye on two of the solar system's top candidates for hosting alien life: the icy moons Enceladus and Europa, the agency confirmed in a statement this month.


  • What is going on at Area 51?

    The tragic death of Lieutenant Colonel Eric Schultz last week on a weapons testing range in Nevada has attracted an inordinate amount of interests.

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  • How to get the best deals at estate sales

    I attended my first estate sale when I was about 7 years old. Our elderly neighbor had passed away, and, peering out the window, I spied the tables set out in her front yard. Intrigued, I set out with a handful of coins and was delighted by the treasures I was able to acquire with my small sum. From that day forward, I was hooked.


  • 7 reasons to consider pullout waste and recycling cabinets

    Waste pullouts are a secret weapon of the well-oiled kitchen machine. They do the dirty job of handling your garbage, recycling and more. In fact, among surveyed homeowners who are remodeling a kitchen and upgrading cabinets, the No. 1 storage addition is a pullout waste or recycling cabinet, according to the latest Houzz kitchen trends study. But what makes them better than a regular garbage can? Actually, a pullout bin can have quite a few advantages, both in style and function. Here are some reasons why a humble pullout cabinet for waste deserves a little consideration and a space in your kitchen.